The world keeps needing to be saved.
Good thing there are cat wizards to do it.
Time travel. A royal assassin. Nuclear war. And mummies.
What's a wizard cat to do
but save the world. Again.
Hollywood, 1946.
Showbiz. Mystery. Intrigue. Murder.
And cat wizards trying to stop
the end of the world.
Young Wizards
New Millennium Edition Box Sets
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Three wizards. Three Ordeals. Three worlds forever changed.
Interim Errantry 2
Another Los Angeles. Another murdered elf.
A serial killer... or something more sinister?
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YW New Millennium Edition updates: HIGH WIZARDRY
YW New Millennium Edition updates: HIGH WIZARDRY

The updated and reformatted ebook version of High Wizardry has just gone out to its purchasers from the store's Fetchapp...

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Our new credit card processor: Stripe
Our new credit card processor: Stripe

For some time now there have been a fair number of Ebooks Direct customers -- or would-be customers -- who've...

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YW New Millennium Edition updates continue with DEEP WIZARDRY
YW New Millennium Edition updates continue with DEEP WIZARDRY

Here's a quick note for those of you who've purchased the Deep Wizardry New Millennium Edition as a single item...

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